Interesting And Unique Persuasive Essay Topics For Students

You will likely see the persuasive essay writing assignment more often than any other writing assignment throughout your academic career. It’s basically an assignment that asks you to take a side on and present an argument for a specific issue. We do this same thing every day in our conversations with friends, family and colleagues, but when it comes to choosing a topic for a writing assignment, we freeze up. Here are some interesting and unique persuasive essay topics for you to consider for your next assignment:

  1. Do you think it’s a good idea to allow armed security on college campuses? Will this make students safe or will it encourage students to take additional precautions of their own?
  2. Do you think that it’s appropriate for high schools to introduce required parenting classes to all students before allowing them to graduate? What are the perceived positives/negatives?
  3. Do you think the school day begins too early in the day? Would it be better to start later but have students spend the same amount of time or should the school day be shortened?
  4. Do you believe that society has reached a point where it is too dependent on technology? And that without technological tools most people would be unable to or prepared to function?
  5. Have social media platforms of the last decade increased the amount of isolation felt by those who are actively on them? What about the belief that social media brings people together?
  6. Do you believe that handwriting (cursive) is still a necessary skill in today’s world? Should it still be taught in our elementary schools or it does it get in the way of more practical skills?
  7. Do you believe children benefit by receiving participation trophies in youth sports? Does this encourage them or does it affect children’s commitment and desire to push themselves?
  8. Do you think the federal minimum wage should be increased to account for the rising cost of living or will this only force small to mid-size businesses to cut expenses or layoff their workers?
  9. Should the government make childhood vaccinations mandatory? Or should the choice to vaccinate be left to the parents of the child? What rights do other students have?
  10. Do you think that security cameras in public spaces are a violation to one’s privacy? What about when cameras are placed on private property? Should people have the right film public areas?

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