Four ingredients of a good argumentative essay conclusion

The conclusion of an argumentative essay is that important as that of its introduction because it summarizes the whole article. Therefore, it should be written carefully and intelligently so that it adds a more precise touch to the complete writing process. The four main ingredients of a conclusion paragraph are given below as;

  1. Restate the main claim
  2. In the first main part of the conclusion, the main statement of the essay, which is actually a claim the writer is making, should be restated in such a way that it does not seem an exact copy of the sentence in the introduction. This time, new words should be selected and penned down in the form of a sentence.

  3. Summarize the main arguments
  4. In the second part of the conclusion, the writer should summarize the main arguments he/she stated and explained in the body of the paper. The arguments are better summarized in a more concise way so that the conclusion paragraph gets shorter than the main body paragraphs.

  5. Warn of the results of not following the premise
  6. In the third and last part of a conclusion, the writer should either mention a warning of the possible mishaps after not following the mentioned premise made by him/her or simply tell the benefits of following them.

  7. Arrange the sentences
  8. The sentences of the concluding paragraph must be arranged according to the hierarchy mentioned above.

Sample of a conclusion paragraph

1(Universities should not force students to wear the uniform as it can badly affect their self-confidence.) 2(Students join the university to explore a new world of freedom but wearing uniform makes their choices very limited and badly affects their self-steam. Wearing dresses of one’s own choice helps students create their individuality.However, uniform takes away this opportunity from them.) 3(In the end, if universities continue forcing students to wear uniform, students may also face psychological problems which badly affect their personality.)

In the above concluding paragraph, the first sentence is the first part of the conclusion of an argumentative essay which restates the main claim of the writer. The second, third, and fourth sentences summarize the main paragraphs which support the main stance of the writer, and the last sentence warns of the consequences of perusing the rule of wearing a uniform in universities.

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