A Hand-Picked List Of Brilliant Essay Topics You Can Explore

Many students and even professional writers will definitely find it agreeable that picking the appropriate topic for an essay is always the hardest part. As a matter of fact, many of us unintentionally waste a lot of time trying to search for the right subject that we could delve into for our writing project. While it is easy to think of some topics that are of your interest, still, it is daunting to ensure if your target readers would also find your chosen subject as engrossing and substantial.

With that said, it is imperative for you to highly regard also what others would find interesting, up-to-date and something that is quite useful in today’s life. In addition, this is the very reason why it actually makes sense to conduct extensive research of what valuable and worth-reading topic to explore. In truth, it cannot be denied that it is very complex to pick the right topic that you think and feel would be liked your audience- having said that, see to it that you also consider the recent issues and trending topics that countless of people are hooked with nowadays.

In so doing, this would somehow help you clearly determine what readers prefer to read and know. Take into consideration that it is not good to just settle for less and solely choose a topic just to have something to write about. Writing is not only about having something to write but also to ensure that your readers learn something from what you write.

Here are some brilliant essay topics you can explore:

  1. Why do food allergies emerge more frequently at present?
  2. Should same sex marriage be allowed in conservative nations?
  3. Should middle school students be asked to administer researches?
  4. Racism in the Past and Racism Today
  5. Why learning more foreign languages is favorable and lucrative these days?
  6. In what way do artificial sweeteners affect our overall health?
  7. How can you tell if you have already met your soul mate?
  8. Are computers capable of teaching better as compared to human teachers?
  9. Is the issue of global warming overblown?
  10. Do recycling programs absolutely have any beneficial effect on our planet?
  11. Discuss various forms of eating disorders and why they must be seriously addressed?
  12. Is social media a great approach to use in teaching college students?
  13. What is the chemistry behind diverse forms of dental fillings?
  14. Discuss the factors responsible for children’s unacceptable behavior?
  15. Why long distance relationships do not work often?

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