Handy Directions for Crafting a Critical Essay on Romeo and Juliet

Planning an essay on Romeo and Juliet is a simple task once you know your topic idea for the project. There are many aspects of the storyline to consider for a topic. Once you find an area of interest to focus on for writing, the critical aspect becomes easier to tackle. The best directions for your project are those presented by your instructor. The following content is a general overview of what you can do with your topic idea on the story about Romeo and Juliet.

  • Establish Main Idea
    What is the main idea of the story or what aspect of the story do you want to focus on? After reviewing the content from the story, there maybe one thing standing out to you more than other things. You can start with that idea. Think about how you can present your findings using the resources you have. If you are having trouble coming up with a main idea consider studying papers written by others. Many schools provide sample papers on such topics to give further insight on what to produce and how to present a concept.
  • Organize Main Points
    When you start writing you’ll want to review potential Romeo and Juliet essay topics. After setting for a topic and main idea you can focus on supporting points. You should have one supporting point per paragraph depending on the required length of the project. Use an outline to help you organize content. Some find it easier to use a template you can download online because it states potential discussion points while helping you understand how to organize your findings. Each point is connected to the main idea while standing alone. When the content is read readers should connect the point to the main idea.
  • Create Final Draft and Double Check Details
    The final draft is written after the rough draft. You will make revisions to ensure content is easy to read and well structured. The outline helps with writing the rough draft since most details are in order. The rough draft focuses on data collected from the outline, but you are working to produce complete sentences and paragraphs. Depending on the required length it can take a few days to finalize when reviewing points and clarifying details. The final should detail information showing you took something from the story or you found something unique to write. Before submission check your paper and compare it to guidelines. Some students get low marks on their papers because they didn’t check over there work.

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