Unique Argument Topics For Essays: 25 Excellent Suggestions

Choosing a topic is the initial step in writing your argumentative essay. If you’re not given a list of suggested topics, you get a great opportunity to show your creativity and select the one that you will enjoy writing about.

How to Come Up with Creative Topic Idea

When you start working on your assignment, you should remember that you’re not supposed to conduct a complete research on the chosen subject. You have to figure out the requirements and follow them precisely. If you’re assigned to write a three page essay, you will need to come up with an issue that can be covered within this limit. That’s why your particular subject must be rather specific. However, if you’re assigned to write more, using the same topic but simply expanding it to more pages is a bad idea. Watch out for writing unnecessary things that don’t directly relate to the subject.

If you’d like to discuss a global question, it would be wise to try to narrow it to a local scope, like your city or your school. This will make it more interesting for the reader to read as well as for you to organize your argument. Also, don’t forget that your reasoning must be profound so choosing a subject that belongs to the sphere of your interests and is one that you truly understand is the key to writing an outstanding argumentative essay.

Top 25 Best Argumentative Essay Ideas

  1. Should animal testing be banned?
  2. Should cosmetic surgery be allowed?
  3. Should physical classes be obligatory?
  4. Is the blame for students’ low grades on their teachers?
  5. Should using cell phones during classes be banned?
  6. Should vaccinations be mandatory?
  7. What is the appropriate time for teenagers to start dating?
  8. Should men be older than women when it comes to relationships?
  9. Should abortion become legal?
  10. Is climate change caused by humans?
  11. Should military service be mandatory?
  12. Should immigrants be given more rights?
  13. Is the death penalty fair?
  14. Should energy drinks be banned?
  15. Should parents push their children into sports?
  16. Is a competitive spirit essential in the learning process?
  17. Are violent video games the cause of behavior problems?
  18. Is euthanasia good or bad?
  19. Should alcohol commercials be banned?
  20. Should organ donors be paid?
  21. Is the school uniform necessary?
  22. Should athletes be given sports scholarships?
  23. Is it okay for parents to yell at their kids?
  24. Should school officials attempt to fight cyberbullying?
  25. Should homeless people be given access to basic services and facilities?

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