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I found Danielle’s blog in fall 2012. I liked it a lot and I could feel her positivity through her writing. I was looking for another (and hopefully the last) nutrition coach and since she is a registered Health Coach/Nutritionist, I sent her an email, asking, if she’d also do a virtual coaching. I got a quick reply where she accepted and was excited about it and we started a few weeks later.

I can not tell you how much this coaching changed my life and how much it helped me in my process of recovery. I am in recovery of an Eating Disorder which lasted for 18 years now. I had a bad relationship with food and my body for half of my life. The coaching consisted journaling, getting feedback on the journals and tips from Danielle, question/answer sessions and a lot of emotional support too. This instant feedback on my meals helped me SO MUCH. I could just read how I can improve my meals, what to add or what to cut back, it was so easy! When I had a dinner or lunch date, I asked her beforehand how to handle it and she gave me helpful tips on that too. Danielle is not a nutritionist who has a strict concept for all her clients. She asks about your story before and then adapt her coaching accordingly. She also did not give me suggestions that were not doable in my all-day life, it was all very well formed according to my possibilities.

Since Danielle experienced a lot of the same feelings as I have in terms of food, body image, weight loss etc. she understood all the bumps I had during the coaching and even if I sent her an email with only saying how bad I feel, she was there and found the perfect words and calmed me down. After this coaching, I lost my fear from food. I eat. Healthy. Balanced. I do have my relapses and my days, but I handle them much better, since I can trust my body so much more. Danielle is very competent and knows so much about food and how it works in/for/against your body.

A few weeks later I asked for an easy detox week with food (not juicing). Danielle created a meal-by-meal plan for an entire week and it was great. I got her email support during the week too, instant replies on my questions or just a note, asking me how I feel.

I am so convinced by her work and by Danielle as a person, I just booked another 2 weeks now to get rid of my last 2-3 kilos and to get leaner. I am again very much looking forward to work with her. I can highly recommend Danielle if you are looking for an excellent Health Coach.

-Lucie Pfaendler,  Zurich, Switzerland, January 3rd, 2013

me aga.

I was lucky enough to find Danielle’s blog through another blog I was reading one day. She seemed down to earth, energetic and knowledgable.  I have worked out with trainers and nutritional coaches before but I felt kind of ‘stuck’ and needed someone new and fresh to talk to. After reading Danielle’s blog, I contacted her, we emailed a bit and I hired her to put me back on track!

I pretty much know what to do, what to eat (I love clean eating and fitness) but sometimes I need a push. I need some motivation, some coaching and guidance. We have been doing email coaching every day and from the start I was already feeling better and working on some of my fears in eating and the guilt I sometimes feel.

Danielle is so responsive, informative and friendly I had said one day, hey we became friends! It becomes more than a business relationship with Danielle. She doesn’t just give you a plan to eat says good luck. She walks through everything with you, answers all of your questions and the best part?

She has been there done that! Meaning, she knows what its like to have a bad body image at one part, she knows and has lived the struggles that I have. Its an amazing feeling to work /be friends with someone that really understands what you are going through. Not just saying ‘have some veggies’ with your dinner and you will be fine.

I highly recommend Danielle for your nutrtional needs, or anything else regarding food and fitness.

You are in good hands and believe me when I tell you; she has helped me so much and has exceeded my expectation of this coaching. Her work with me is not done. She will be stuck with me for a while!

-Stacy H. Goran

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